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Role & Function | Risk Mangement

Risk Management

Risk Management is concerned with the application of multi-techniques for the identification, assessment, control and finance of risk associated with company is operation. Risk profile will normally includes physical, financial and legal and operational risk which may or not may be fully transferable and risk management program shall be tailored to work efficiently in company commercial operation.

JUPITER risk management process implies a sistemic way as follows:

  • Risks Analysis. At this section, we identify what the major threats.
  • Risks Assessment, which involving  measurement of identified threats by quantifying the potential severity and its probability.
  • Risks Control. At this point, we mitigate the threat by eliminating of dangerous work or production process, socialization of loss prevention principles, conducting training, introduction of additional fire fighting and safety measure and improve housekeeping and inspection procedures.
  • Risk Finance. The cost-effective transfers of mitigated risk via insurance solutions or other financial instruments, and the financing or allocation of reserves for retained risk.