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Oil & Gas Insurance

Property Damage Insurance

Cover all properties used by oil companies and drilling contractors during exploration or production phase, and it is classified into the following categories:

a.  Industrial All Risks Insurance

Covers all related asset of oil and gas, either in Onshore or Offshore such as Refinery Plantss, Terimals, Storage Tanks, Platform and etc

b  Pipelines All Risks Insurance

Covers all pipelines in oil and gas distribution system

c.  Well Drilling Tools Floater Insurance

Covers well drilling, servicing, work over or special equipment against physical loss or damage from any external causes.

d.  Well Drilling Tools Floater Insurance

Covers hull and machinery of the drilling barge including all their tools and equipments.

Oil and Gas Contruction Insurance

Covers temporary or permanent construction and erection of a project such as:

a.  Construction of Platform / Tanker Storage / Refinery Plant

b.  Erection of Pipelines


Energy Exploration and Development Insurance

Insure extra expenses that should be covered by the operator in case of loss or damage during well operation which is as follow:

a.  Control of Well Insurance

b.  Redrilling / Operators Extra Expenses

c.  Seepage &pPollution, clean up and contamination

Marine Hull and Cargo Insurance

Cover the hull, machineries and cargoes related to oil an gas products