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Engineering Insurance


This type of insurance covering on loss or damage to the property or interest insured which happen suddenly and unforseen. The damage on property may caused perils insured such as fire, lightning, explosions, impact of falling aicraft, short circuit, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, windstorm, theft and burglary, riot, strike, sabotage and terrorism as long as those perils are not excluded under policy.

Insurance policy that related to property insurance commonly available in market practise:

  • Contractor All Risks Insurance - covering on contruction and civil work
  • Erection All Risk Insurance - covering on electrical and mechanical works
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance - covering on machinery cause of breakdown
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance - covering on electronic equipment
  • Heavy Equipment Insurance - covering on heavy equipment
  • Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance - covering on equipment used in contruction/erection project.
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Etc.