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PT. Jupiter Insurance Brokers & Consultants
Jl. Kesehatan Raya No. 36 C
Tanah Abang
Jakarta Pusat 10160

Telp : +6221 386 7766
Hunting : +6221 351 2361/2
Direct : +6221 351 1122
No.Fax : +6221 386 6866



About Us | Our Business Conduct & Commitment

Our Business Conduct & Commitment

  • At all time we conduct our business with utmost and good faith and high integrity
  • We do everything possible to satisfy the insurance requirements of our clients,to place the interests of our clients before all considerations.Subject to this,we have proper regards for others.
  • Any statement made by or no behalf of us, when advertising our services, shall not misleading or extravagant.
  • We aim to provide advise objectively and independently in our clients best interests.
  • We endeavor to satisfy the insurance requirements of our clients and to place their interests before all other considerations.Subject to these requirements and interests we have proper regard for others.
  • We take due care to ensure when giving an indication for a contract of insurance
  • We inform our clients with whom a contracts is placed and the premium required to be paid.This information and any change to it is advised at the earliest opportunity.